Webinar "Managing Risk for OSH Professionals"



Risk and uncertainty 

As a society, as organisations and as individuals, we all live with uncertain futures. Indeed, it's a key part of being human. We all have things we want to achieve, opportunities we want to exploit and changes we want to make. But we can never be completely sure how things will turn out - risks in the real world, and risks arising from our own actions (or inaction), if not effectively managed, may stop us achieving our goals. 

Sometimes these risks will lead to direct monetary loss, but they can also lead to illness and injury, damage to the environment and property, business failure, loss of employment or waste of human potential. 

Conversely though, risk taking can also lead to achievement, gain, happiness and progress. Risk has a distinct and substantial upside (opportunity), as well as the more obvious downside (threat). 

Risk management 

Risk management applies a systematic and rigorous approach to understanding, analysing and responding to risk, with the aim of making better, more informed decisions and increasing the likelihood that we will achieve our objectives. 

The greatest challenge, however, is to combine all of this with a strong understanding of the behavioural and cultural aspects of how we perceive, interpret, communicate and respond to risk. Understanding and influencing why people behave as they do, what incentivises them to act in a particular way and how decisions are made is indeed an important skill. 

Risk management and Occupational Safety and Health 

Industry increasingly recognises that OSH professionals need a broader appreciation of risk management. 

ISO 45001:2018, released earlier this year, promotes a 'risk-based' approach to OSH and the UK's Health and Safety Executive's three year strategy also supports this. In practice, a 'risk-based' approach means organisations proportionately managing OSH according to the nature, frequency and severity of the risks faced and the objectives and key processes of the organisation. 


  1. 12:30 to 13:15: Presentation
  2. 13:15 to 13:30: Q&A 

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