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Business Continuity Management Systems 

Business Continuity Management  (BCM) is a process that allows organisations to survive when bad things happen. The challenge for many organisations is to understand enough about themselves so that they can survive.

This session will offer a view on what good BCM looks like and provide practical advice to provide organisations with the tools to implement or improve their BCMS, including: 

  • What are their objectives (both explicit and implicit)
  • What sort of events could impact those objectives
  • How long can organisations afford to spend recovering
  • Is it really about planning for the unpredictable or is it about planning for eminently foreseeable events that might be unlikely


  1. 12:30 to 13:15: Presentation by Nigel Heaton
  2. 13:15 to 13:30: Question and Answer Session

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Nigel Heaton

Nigel is a Director of Human Applications. He provides training and consultancy worldwide, advising organisations on designing and implementing risk management systems for business risk and health & safety risk. He acts as an expert witness on a number of HR issues including health and safety, personal safety and bullying & harassment.